An Open Letter to My Husband

     I have the heart knowledge that I married the best man I have ever known, but sometimes my brain forgets. 

     Complaining has to be one of the laziest pastime’s in existence. It takes no effort or skill to look around and see reasons to be disappointed. We might be able to claim cleverness in the way we deliver the zinger part of the time, but we are lazy all of the time if we choose to express dissatisfaction rather than gratitude.

     As strife has increased in my life, I have slipped into a mindset of resentfulness. I have decided not to offer up any explanations or justifications in this paragraph. The characteristics of our humanity comes with pros and cons. This one is a con; that wrong thinking leads me to so say wrong and do wrong. Therefore, I leave here an open letter to my husband where I offer repentance and appreciation.

“Kevin, recently, I could have afforded you more credit than I gave. The lists of your
admirable qualities and acts of kindness are extensive, yet I can easily summarize them.
You have loved me well. Since the beginning of ‘us’, you have been a constant source of
comfort and strength; even when I was undeserving. Whether we are relaxing under the
warmth of a brilliant sun, or navigating through a fierce storm on a dark night, I am
grateful that you are by my side guiding and supporting me. For who you are and all that 
you do, I honour you. I love you.”